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  • C-Sourcing provides software development teams, the moment they are needed and virtually present in your offices.

    C-Sourcing provides all facilities to effectively let people work together in the same project, on the same design and on the same code base via Continuous Integration.

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  • We develop your software fast and in a very cost effective way.
    We offer 100% variable cost, directly linked into productivity and concrete results.

    Our proposition is extremely competitive to ensure you get more out of your investment, and to make sure you can Compete.

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  • eXtreme Sourcing delivers state of the art development processes, people and technology, to realize the vision of entrepreneurs, anticipating a highly iterative process of ideation, conceptualization and realization.

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  • Our Pay as you Go and shared risk/reward principles will help reducing the gap between upfront investment and future return.

    There is no better way to assure that we will make your idea successful.

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What We Do…

We build great Software Products, Services and end-to-end Solutions.
With us you will have your own dedicated Software Development Team.
A team that will turn your idea for a new business, into a Product and/or Service, ready to Go.

We are eager to work with you. Our people will show you how we will take care of your development and they are passionate to make your dream happen.
"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."
-Christian Friedrich Hebbel